Sneak Peek

Almost ready to ship

Almost ready to ship

We’re finishing up the package to send to Trader Joe’s corporate office. It will be mailed later on today. We are only 30 signatures away from the 4,000 mark! It would be much more powerful if we could hit 4,000 before we mail this off so that we can include the 4,000 number in our materials. If we each try and get a few more signatures, just a few more people on board, we can do it. Email the link to the petition, share on Facebook, and/or retweet on Twitter… there are so many easy ways to let people know about this movement. Just 30 more signatures – let’s get it done!


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  1. Please, I would love to see a Trader Joe’s in the Champaign-Urbana, IL area!! This is a growing, thriving, university town (University of Illinois, no less!) and there is a lot of potential for Trader Joe’s to do really well here!!

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