Below you will find a template to be used when writing letters to media asking them to publish about our petition. Please feel free to add your own insights and make your letter more personal. This template is provided to get your mental wheels turning as you email, email, email to get the word spread and the petition numbers rising!


Dear Editor,
For many years, members in the community of Champaign-Urbana have expressed the desire to bring a Trader Joe’s store to our area. For those unfamiliar with this company, Trader Joe’s provides many wholesome items at inexpensive prices. Some of these items include non-GMO foods, gluten-free options, organic/natural foods and produce, BPA free canned goods, vegan/vegetarian foods, and decadent treats. Shopping at Trader Joe’s is a great experience in itself; it is a family-friendly, fun environment with knowledgeable staff and new delicious items being introduced regularly. Everything is available at much lower prices than we can find in our community.

In the past there has been concern about Trader Joe’s pushing out the local natural food stores. However, we believe that TJ’s would fill a different niche here. There is a vast array of clientele to draw from in our town, and we feel strongly that Trader Joe’s and the current health food stores are not mutually exclusive.

We have organized a petition to more loudly voice our shared opinion that our community needs a Trader Joe’s store. We have heard that previous attempts (mainly writing of individual letters) have been unsuccessful because the company does not believe we are large enough to support a store. We would like to show TJ’s just how many people would be interested in a store in Champaign-Urbana.

We would also like to show our city leaders what a huge draw for business Trader Joe’s would be, and that the city can certainly benefit from having TJ’s here. Not only would it bring in substantial tax revenue from people in our immediate community and local jobs, but as evidenced from those who have already signed our petition, many people from surrounding cities would come to C-U to shop at Trader Joe’s. This is good for our local economy as a whole.

We ask that this information be run so that readers can see our effort, spread the word, and sign our petition if they would like Trader Joe’s in Champaign-Urbana.

On Twitter: @TJs4CU

You can find more information on our blog,

Thank you for your time and attention.



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