We need people to help us spread the word about this organized movement. If you live in Central Illinois, you can be a big help! Here are some specific things we need volunteers to do.

Be an Average Joe –

  • Pass out and/or post flyers around your community. A link to a printable flyer is available here.
  • Email everyone you know! Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers… tell them about this campaign and urge them to sign the petition.
  • Share this blog, our Twitter feed, and Facebook page with your friends.
  • Leave comments on our blog! Be part of the conversations here as we grow.

Be a Hardworking Joe –

  • Contact media sources (newspapers, locally-run blogs, radio stations, etc.) and tell them about our campaign. Ask them to run articles or talk about what we’re doing. We need this done in all areas of Central Illinois – Bloomington-Normal, Tuscola, Monticello, etc. Use our template email to get you started.
  • If you are a student, begin a Registered Student Organization on campus about this campaign.
  • Find ways to bring awareness of this movement to the Parkland, Eastern, and the U of I campuses. Any ideas are welcome!

Be a Super Joe!

  • Host a table at the Farmer’s Market in Urbana to give information about our petition and goals. This would involve manning a booth on one or more Saturday mornings this summer.
  • Set up (by contacting the leadership and gaining permission) and host a booth at a Farmer’s Market in surrounding towns, such as Mahomet.
  • Contribute guest posts to this blog. Write about anything Trader Joe’s related – personal stories, favorite items, etc. – and it will be used in a post (giving you credit with your name and city, if you’d like).

If you would like to help in any of the above ways, jump right in! If you would like more details for any particular task, please email us at TJs4CU@yahoo.com.


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