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We Need Everyone to Send a Quick Location Request


Easier than sitting in a bustle

It takes less than a minute to submit a location request to Trader Joe’s, but will make a huge impact! Trader Joe’s has people read each and every request, and if we send hundreds right now – just as they are receiving our materials – it will speak volumes. Our plan is to inundate them with location requests so they’ll be hearing our message from every possible source.

The form is very simple. You can add a comment telling them why you want Trader Joe’s here or leave that part blank. The important thing is to send Trader Joe’s as many Champaign-Urbana/Central Illinois requests as we can this week! So what are you waiting for? Head on over and send a quick request right now.

(Thank you to everyone for sticking with this campaign until the end. Like mentioned in the last post, this isn’t going to be successful without your involvement and help. So thank you for taking a few minutes to help make a Central Illinois Trader Joe’s a reality!)


Update: If you are viewing this post from a mobile device, the location requests page won’t come up through the above link. You need to pull up the full web page through the link at the bottom of the page, then click on “About Us,”  then click on the “Location Request” on the lower right. It’s complicated, but well worth it! Keep those location requests coming…


Trader Joe’s 4 C-U Package Details


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As promised, here are more details about the package of materials that was just sent to Trader Joe’s corporate. Our professionally designed portfolio included the following:

→ Trader Joe’s 4 C-U: Who We Are

A letter of introduction outlining how our movement started, what we’re about, and summarizing all that we have accomplished

→ Spreadin’ the Word: Articles and Links

Links and printouts of this blog, our Facebook page, and Twitter feed. Also in the section is copy of the printable flyer, and both links and hard copies of the articles from, The News-Gazette, and WCIA-3, plus the mentions in the News-Gazette and Daily Illini letters to the editor

→ Big Joes for TJ’s: Letters of Support

Support letters from four prominent city officials

→ Thousands of Average Joes: The Petition

A printed out copy of the entire petition, with the original petition letter and the name and city of each signer

→ Our Fabulous City: Champaign-Urbana

Two articles from local magazines about the local economy and why our area is a great place to invest, information on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and a full map of Champaign-Urbana and surrounding areas

→ Homes for Joe: Developer Bids

Full proposals from four developers, The Atkins Group, Olsen and Associates Architects, Fox Development, and Thompson Land Company

At the back of the package we enclosed a visitor’s guide to Champaign-Urbana which gives additional highlights about our area and showcases the many great aspects of the Central Illinois community.

The next step: inundate Trader Joe’s with location requests! A separate post about the importance of this is forthcoming, but it is vital that we politely besiege Trader Joe’s with requests right now as they are getting our materials. Thank you for joining in this campaign – it wouldn’t be possible without every single person’s involvement!

3,170 Signatures Today …


…  And only 1,830 signatures until we reach our big goal of 5,000! We want to hit 5,000 signatures before sending our package of materials to the Trader Joe’s parent company in late fall. That is fast approaching! If you haven’t already, please sign the petition and continue to tell other people you know (share on Facebook and Twitter, send emails, post flyers, do whatever you can to spread the word). Help us get the number we feel will be most effective in showing Trader Joe’s that our community wants and needs a Trader Joe’s store!

Developer Proposal #2 – Metro Centre in Urbana


I mentioned last week that we’ve been working with local developers to acquire proposals to include with the official package we are submitting to Trader Joe’s in late fall. Ultimately the decision for a specific site will be up to the Trader Joe’s corporation, but we would like to give them great options and show some of the fine choices for opening a store in Central Illinois.

Today we’re highlighting the next proposal for a possible Trader Joe’s location in Champaign-Urbana. It is from Olsen and Associates Architects who are developing the Metro Centre near downtown Urbana. They describe the Metro Centre as

…a major new office/commercial/residential anchor that will face Vine Street and cover a city block.  The building is located within walking distance of the Federal and Champaign County Courthouse and the Urbana City Building and directly across from the popular Community Farmer’s Market and Lincoln Square Mall, one of the first enclosed shopping facilities in the nation.  It is also walking distance from Downtown Urbana which features unique boutique shops and restaurants.

The new Metro Centre will provide great exposure and traffic (by foot and vehicle) for a Trader Joe’s store. It will ideally house Trader Joe’s along with an upscale casual eatery, such as Panera or Au Bon Pain, and Olsen and Associates also plan to include an ice cream shop. All of these will lead to a classically elegant shopping experience for customers and a wonderful location for our Champaign-Urbana Trader Joe’s.


Trader Joe’s 4 C-U Goals


We firmly believe that we can make Trader Joe’s see that our community wants a store, can support a store, and that Central Illinois is full of Fearless Fans willing to do what it takes to get TJ’s attention.

As everyone knows, our primary goal is to:

  • Convince Trader Joe’s to open a store in Central Illinois.

We plan to accomplish this by:

  • Getting thousands of signatures on our petition. The purpose of this is to show Trader Joe’s and the city leadership that they can’t afford to ignore our city as a location for Trader Joe’s. While there have been other smaller efforts in the past, this is the largest, best organized effort to date.
  • Using every manner of social media on the internet to further our cause and glean the most signatures possible! We are currently on Twitter and Facebook, and want the word to spread about what we’re doing. This will exponentially multiply the number of people involved in the campaign to bring TJ’s to our area.
  • Making our efforts mainstream. We want to get this movement on the campuses of the University of Illinois, Parkland, Eastern Illinois University, and any other platforms. We feel that Trader Joe’s will positively impact large segments of our community (students as well as full-time residents) and want to see this movement brought to every possible location.
  • Get developers involved with making bids. There are local developers who have pursued Trader Joe’s in the past, and we would like to solicit their help in showcasing attractive locations for our Trader Joe’s store.

Ultimately, we will:

  • Take our petition and research (yes, we’re doing research!) to the leaders of our community. We feel that Champaign-Urbana is missing out on a huge source of potential revenue by ignoring our area as a location for Trader Joe’s (many people drive out to Indy or Chicago to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of food from Trader Joe’s – this is money that could be spent in our local community, which would bring tax dollars to our city). If we can show the city leadership how viable and important a source of revenue Trader Joe’s would be and get them on board with our efforts, they could in turn work with us to get a Trader Joe’s here.
  • Present a package of our work to the Trader Joe’s corporation. This will include the petition (proving the market), the developer bids (proving the good locations), and the support of local government (proving just how serious we are). This will be submitted like a business proposal, complete with links to all the social media and reference to all the places we have posted/printed this campaign.

We need people to help with these goals. Please see the “Be Involved!” section for ways that you can contribute to bringing Trader Joe’s to Central Illinois.