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Aldi Test Marketing New Organic Line



Many people in town shop at the grocery store chain Aldi. As most people know, Aldi is owned by the same parent company as Trader Joe’s. Anyone who is seeking healthy, affordable groceries also knows that the selection of natural, unprocessed, additive-free items at Aldi has been very slim (i.e. Trader Joe’s and Aldi are absolutely not the same store. But that is for another post…)

We have learned that Aldi is currently test marketing a new line of natural and USDA-certified Organic products. Why is this important to our Trader Joe’s movement? We have received information that in other cities when Aldi has introduced “natural” or otherwise healthier foods and those items prove to be very popular, it has led the parent company to open a Trader Joe’s store in that area. It is a way of gauging the saleability and viability of the kinds of foods that Trader Joe’s carries. This particular organic line at Aldi is being introduced nation wide, but if these items are very popular here, it will only add to our stance that our area needs, wants, and will financially support our own Trader Joe’s store.

The offerings in Aldi’s new organic/natural line include:

Thin & Crispy Crust Pizza $3.49
Organic Toasted Oats $1.99
Rice Crisp $2.29
Sesame Lo Mein $1.69
Twisted Fruit Rope $2.49
Organic Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt $2.99
Organic Strawberries $2.39
Organic Blueberries $3.49
Organic Free Range Chicken Broth $1.69
Organic Diced Tomatoes $1.49
Organic Fruit Bars $2.69
Organic 100% Apple Juice $2.49
Organic 100% Apple Juice Boxes .99¢
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil $3.99
Southwestern Fresca $1.69
Organic String Cheese $2.99
Organic Sharp Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese $3.49
Organic Pasta Sauce $1.99
Organic Spaghetti or Linguine $1.29
Sweet Potato Corn Tortilla Chips $1.99
Instant Soup Cups $1.29
Shredded Wheat Cereal $1.99
Frozen Steel Cut Oatmeal $1.49
Pomegranate Plum Juice $2.49

Consider stopping by Aldi to stock up on these items! Then let Aldi know that we in Central Illinois like these kinds of products via their Facebook page or contact form. If these items prove to be popular in Champaign-Urbana, our argument for a Trader Joe’s will gain measurable validity. (And besides, these are organic/natural products at great low prices… so it’s a win-win.)

Thanks to Carlos at for the price list of the new Aldi Simply Nature line of products.


Getting to Know Trader Joe’s – Food and Value


I ran across a great blog today that lists some prices and items for sale at Trader Joe’s. While this is a price list for stores in the St. Louis area and might not be exactly what we would pay at a new store in Central Illinois, it gives an idea of the cost, value, and selection for those who might not know much about TJ’s. Click on the screen shot below to see the full list.

I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a place where you can get a bottle of wine for $3? Or Multigrain Baking Mix with no hydrogenated oils or other strange things in it?

Thanks to HealthyLifeDeals for this resource (and wonderful all-around site)!