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Sneak Peek

Almost ready to ship

Almost ready to ship

We’re finishing up the package to send to Trader Joe’s corporate office. It will be mailed later on today. We are only 30 signatures away from the 4,000 mark! It would be much more powerful if we could hit 4,000 before we mail this off so that we can include the 4,000 number in our materials. If we each try and get a few more signatures, just a few more people on board, we can do it. Email the link to the petition, share on Facebook, and/or retweet on Twitter… there are so many easy ways to let people know about this movement. Just 30 more signatures – let’s get it done!


We are SO CLOSE to 4,000 Signatures!


We are SO CLOSE to 4,000 Signatures!

If we each tell a few more people, we can make it to 4,000 – just 115 signatures away! Our package will be sent this coming week… let’s try to make it to 4,000 before the TJ’s execs get our materials (more details about the package to come soon).

Quad Day 2012


This coming Sunday, August 26, is Quad Day! It’s a great opportunity for us to get the word out to students in the C-U area. So far we have done a good job of gathering signatures online, but we’ve heard from reliable TJ’s insiders that we need many more to make Trader Joe’s take notice and give us a store. Please help by gathering more signatures. It does make a difference – every signature counts!

While we are not allowed to gather signatures on the actual Quad, we DO have official permission from the Quad Day organizers to be in the areas around the Quad to solicit signatures. We were specifically told that on the corner of Wright St. and Green St. there will be an abundance of foot traffic throughout the day, which makes it a prime location.

So how badly do you want a Trader Joe’s in our area? Badly enough to help for just one hour? Make it a fun afternoon of spreading the TJ’s love in our community!

Quad Day is this Sunday from 12-4pm – we need volunteers to be there! Download the printable petition here and bring a few pens, a few friends, stay for an hour or as long as you can, and help tell students about the work being done to bring Trader Joe’s to Central Illinois!

Paper Petition Campaign has Begun!


While we are slowly gaining signatures on the online petition, we’ve heard from various sources that many people who are not often online have either a) not heard of our petition to bring Trader Joe’s to Central Illinois, or b) cannot get online to sign the petition.

To solve this problem, we have begun a paper petition campaign! We have created a signature petition form that you can print from home and use to collect signatures.

We are asking that everyone take some time to fill at least one page with signatures. The more the better! Start collecting everywhere you can – around your neighborhood, at work, school, at your garage sale, at the kid’s sporting events or summer camp pick up line – just tell people why you love TJ’s and want a store to open here and ask that they sign the petition and join in!

Some public places, like the Farmer’s Market in Urbana, require permission before you may gather signatures there. And keep in mind that not everyone will be interested in signing the petition and some may actually be against it. Try and keep it friendly and fun, and remember that we want to represent Trader Joe’s in a positive way! You don’t have to engage in any conversations with people who don’t want to sign. You can simply say “thank you” and move on to the next person. Most people you meet will be very supportive and excited to be a part of this movement.

We need everyone to work together get the number of signers on our petition higher – we must impress Trader Joe’s with our numbers, showing them our determination to bring a store to Central Illinois. Please print the form below and start collecting more signatures!

TJ’s Paper Petition

When you have completed gathering signatures, email for our mailing address.