3,170 Signatures Today …


…  And only 1,830 signatures until we reach our big goal of 5,000! We want to hit 5,000 signatures before sending our package of materials to the Trader Joe’s parent company in late fall. That is fast approaching! If you haven’t already, please sign the petition and continue to tell other people you know (share on Facebook and Twitter, send emails, post flyers, do whatever you can to spread the word). Help us get the number we feel will be most effective in showing Trader Joe’s that our community wants and needs a Trader Joe’s store!


Developer Proposal #4 – First Street and Windsor Retail Center, Champaign


This week we picked up the proposal from Fox Development Corporation, who control the University of Illinois Research Park (near the I-Hotel). They are creating a new retail location at the corner of First Street and Windsor Road in Champaign. The new First Street and Windsor Retail Center is described as an “upscale” shopping plaza, and the location at the south entrance of the Research Park, near Memorial Stadium and the Assembly Hall, makes it a prime location for our residents and people who come into town for games or other University of Illinois events. It is close to the campus for students, yet is on the main corridor between Urbana and Champaign, allowing residents of both easy access. The First Street and Windsor development will be a combination of retail and contemporary residential spaces, and tentatively includes walking paths around a pond and beautifully landscaped common areas.

The impressive portfolio contains detailed demographic, traffic, and income information, as well as plans outlining the buildings and development itself. The First Street and Windsor Retail Center is an exceptional location with a vibe that would certainly fit the Trader Joe’s image.

We are pleased to include Fox Development Corporation’s proposal in the package of materials we are compiling to submit to Trader Joe’s parent company. For those just joining our community campaign to bring Trader Joe’s to Central Illinois, you may also view the other developer proposals that will be included.

Developer Proposal #3 – City Center, Savoy


As we move forward in our campaign to bring Trader Joe’s to C-U, we continue to highlight the developers who have partnered with us in our effort. This week, we showcase the Trader Joe’s location proposed by the Thompson Land Company.

The Thompson Land Company has a seven acre parcel of land in the rapidly expanding Savoy township. The Thompson Land Company property is aptly named the Savoy City Center, and is located south of Burwash Avenue on the west side of south Neil Street (US-45). It is in a highly visible area, being just north of Willard Airport, near the University of Illinois campus, adjacent to fine Savoy neighborhoods, and situated along one of the main roads through Champaign-Urbana. The Savoy City Center is an excellent option for Trader Joe’s since it is noticeable, easily accessible, and there are currently few grocery stores in the region. Trader Joe’s would help anchor a new, vibrant shopping plaza in this quickly growing sector of our community.

Trader Joe’s 4 C-U on WCIA 3 News – Available to View!


Earlier this week I posted about the WCIA 3 news story about the Trader Joe’s 4 C-U movement. Today we were given a link to the news clip! If you’d like to see (and/or share) it, click on the picture above to go to the WCIA 3 news story. You may view the clip from there.

Trader Joe’s 4 C-U on WCIA 3 News


The Trader Joe’s 4 C-U Campaign was on the WCIA 3 News on Wednesday, September 26. To WCIA 3 viewers who just learned about Trader Joe’s 4 C-U, thank you for joining in this community led effort to bring Trader Joe’s to Central Illinois! Please click on the link on the upper right side of the blog or here to sign the petition.

We are so close to reaching 3,000 signatures – let’s make that the goal for this weekend! Keep hanging flyers around town, print out a paper petition form then put on a Hawaiian print shirt and go door-to-door… whatever you can think of to bring more people in. There are still thousands of people in our area that don’t know what we’re doing and would love to sign the petition to bring Trader Joe’s to Central Illinois. It is by working together that we can (and will) get the support we need to succeed!

2,570 Signatures – Let’s Break 2,600 Today!


Update: We just reached 2,600 signatures! This is excellent, but we need to keep moving up… let’s hit 3,000 soon! Continue to pass along information on our movement so we can reach our top goal of 5,000 signatures.

The Bring Trader Joe’s to Champaign-Urbana petition is at 2,570 signatures this morning! Can we get to 2,600 by the end of today? I think we can! If you are just joining our movement to get a Trader Joe’s store in C-U, please click on the link on the top right side of this blog (or click on the image below) and add your name. Every single person counts, and the more signatures we get the more seriously our petition to Trader Joe’s will be taken.

Keep telling your friends, classmates, neighbors, and co-workers about the big Champaign-Urbana effort to bring a Trader Joe’s store to Central Illinois! Thank you for joining us – let’s keep this movement growing!

Click here to sign the Trader Joe’s 4 C-U Petition!


Developer Proposal #2 – Metro Centre in Urbana


I mentioned last week that we’ve been working with local developers to acquire proposals to include with the official package we are submitting to Trader Joe’s in late fall. Ultimately the decision for a specific site will be up to the Trader Joe’s corporation, but we would like to give them great options and show some of the fine choices for opening a store in Central Illinois.

Today we’re highlighting the next proposal for a possible Trader Joe’s location in Champaign-Urbana. It is from Olsen and Associates Architects who are developing the Metro Centre near downtown Urbana. They describe the Metro Centre as

…a major new office/commercial/residential anchor that will face Vine Street and cover a city block.  The building is located within walking distance of the Federal and Champaign County Courthouse and the Urbana City Building and directly across from the popular Community Farmer’s Market and Lincoln Square Mall, one of the first enclosed shopping facilities in the nation.  It is also walking distance from Downtown Urbana which features unique boutique shops and restaurants.

The new Metro Centre will provide great exposure and traffic (by foot and vehicle) for a Trader Joe’s store. It will ideally house Trader Joe’s along with an upscale casual eatery, such as Panera or Au Bon Pain, and Olsen and Associates also plan to include an ice cream shop. All of these will lead to a classically elegant shopping experience for customers and a wonderful location for our Champaign-Urbana Trader Joe’s.