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We Need Everyone to Send a Quick Location Request


Easier than sitting in a bustle

It takes less than a minute to submit a location request to Trader Joe’s, but will make a huge impact! Trader Joe’s has people read each and every request, and if we send hundreds right now – just as they are receiving our materials – it will speak volumes. Our plan is to inundate them with location requests so they’ll be hearing our message from every possible source.

The form is very simple. You can add a comment telling them why you want Trader Joe’s here or leave that part blank. The important thing is to send Trader Joe’s as many Champaign-Urbana/Central Illinois requests as we can this week! So what are you waiting for? Head on over and send a quick request right now.

(Thank you to everyone for sticking with this campaign until the end. Like mentioned in the last post, this isn’t going to be successful without your involvement and help. So thank you for taking a few minutes to help make a Central Illinois Trader Joe’s a reality!)


Update: If you are viewing this post from a mobile device, the location requests page won’t come up through the above link. You need to pull up the full web page through the link at the bottom of the page, then click on “About Us,”  then click on the “Location Request” on the lower right. It’s complicated, but well worth it! Keep those location requests coming…


3,170 Signatures Today …


…  And only 1,830 signatures until we reach our big goal of 5,000! We want to hit 5,000 signatures before sending our package of materials to the Trader Joe’s parent company in late fall. That is fast approaching! If you haven’t already, please sign the petition and continue to tell other people you know (share on Facebook and Twitter, send emails, post flyers, do whatever you can to spread the word). Help us get the number we feel will be most effective in showing Trader Joe’s that our community wants and needs a Trader Joe’s store!

Trader Joe’s 4 C-U on WCIA 3 News – Available to View!


Earlier this week I posted about the WCIA 3 news story about the Trader Joe’s 4 C-U movement. Today we were given a link to the news clip! If you’d like to see (and/or share) it, click on the picture above to go to the WCIA 3 news story. You may view the clip from there.

2,570 Signatures – Let’s Break 2,600 Today!


Update: We just reached 2,600 signatures! This is excellent, but we need to keep moving up… let’s hit 3,000 soon! Continue to pass along information on our movement so we can reach our top goal of 5,000 signatures.

The Bring Trader Joe’s to Champaign-Urbana petition is at 2,570 signatures this morning! Can we get to 2,600 by the end of today? I think we can! If you are just joining our movement to get a Trader Joe’s store in C-U, please click on the link on the top right side of this blog (or click on the image below) and add your name. Every single person counts, and the more signatures we get the more seriously our petition to Trader Joe’s will be taken.

Keep telling your friends, classmates, neighbors, and co-workers about the big Champaign-Urbana effort to bring a Trader Joe’s store to Central Illinois! Thank you for joining us – let’s keep this movement growing!

Click here to sign the Trader Joe’s 4 C-U Petition!